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Vittorazi Motors - Formazione
Vittorazi Motors - Formazione


Our courses for professionals

We have always been committed to the continuous training of our dealers to enable better support for our customers.

Our authorized dealers follow refresher courses promoted by us for the correct maintenance of the products. The training course includes several steps, which can be accessed after passing every level, including scrupulous final tests, with the delivery of a certificate that certifies the level of training acquired.

Vittorazi dealers are thus able to provide a complete engine maintenance service and qualified assistance, thanks to the professional tools available to them and original spare parts. They are then always available for indications and information on the correct use of the engine.


Level 1. Basic Course

The Vittorazi training course starts with level 1. It is reserved for the staff of companies that are part of the Vittorazi network (dealer, manufactures, agents and subdealers). An acquired level of engineering in general is required, two-stroke engines, ultralight plants, mechanical processing equipment, as well as having gained experience with Vittorazi products for at least 6 months.

Summary program:

  • 1.

    Introduction. Presentation of the Vittorazi company and highlights about new products that have just been released and previews of upcoming products.

  • 2.

    Order documentation and technical documentation. Knowledge of product assurance procedures and service procedures.

  • 3.

    V-Check. Installing the engine. Accessory installation. The importance of the propeller.

  • 4.

    Proper engine usage and first controls. Regular maintenance.

  • 5.

    Delivery of the certificate of participation.

Course duration: 1 day (8 hours) and half a day (4 hours). Maximum number of participants: 25. There is a possibility to take this course online. To know more and to receive the detailed program, please fill the form.


The application for the advanced course will be accepted by subsequent applicants:

  • -

    by technicians who have gained at least 12 months of experience from the first basic course;

  • -

    by technicians who have gained at least 36 months of experience with Vittorazi products, even if they did not participate in the first level.

Summary program:

  • 1.

    Introduction. A brief business presentation. Highlights about new products that have just been released or preview upcoming products. Technical documentation insights.

  • 2.

    Ability to intervene for a successful installation of the engine. Approved propellers, performance of various models, technical insights.

  • 3.

    Engine checks made by professionals before paramotor delivery.

  • 4.

    Regular 100-hour, 200-hour maintenance.

  • 5.

    Ability to take Open Class courses to customers and Master Classes for other professionals.

  • 6.

    Final test: written test with questionnaire (30 minutes), an oral test for each candidate (10 minutes) and a practical exercise (10 minutes divided into a group).

  • 7.

    Delivery of the certificate of participation.

Duration of the course 2 days (16 hours). Maximum number of participants 15. To know more and to receive the detailed program, please fill the form.

Service Center

Once you have obtained the qualification of the second level and passed the exam at the end, we will then proceed towards the creation of the SERVICE CENTER. Documents, information, photos and details about the activity will be required to get technical approval.

After 6 months of continuous evaluation, the company will be rewarded with the qualification of SERVICE CENTER. To know more, please fill the form.

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Privacy Policy

Progetto cofinanziato dal Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale


(POR Marche FESR 2014-2020 Asse 1 - OS 1 - Azione 1.2)


Il progetto prevede, a partire da risultati di ricerca già acquisiti, l'ingegnerizzazione e l'industrializzazione di un nuovo prodotto, il motore Mule250.


Il progetto ha tra gli obiettivi: l'ingegnerizzazione e prototipazione esecutiva del nuovo motore, il miglioramento delle caratteristiche prestazionali e tecniche del prodotto, l'industrializzazione del nuovo motore, la promozione del prodotto innovativo e sviluppo della fase di commercializzazione per il nuovo mercato.


Ingegnerizzare, industrializzare e produrre il nuovo motore Mule250 da proporre a un nuovo settore di clientela, acquisendo una fetta di mercato importante per lo sviluppo dell'impresa.

Investimento totale: 687.291,60 euro | Finanziamento pubblico: 337.675,80